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The 2013 BYB Meet-Up: FINAL Reminder!

Ticket payments must be received by July 3rd, so if you want to hang out with us, you're running out of time!

Gregory Shamus

Hi everyone. I've got 13 tickets left for this year's meet-up. From today, there are SIX DAYS before I need everyone's ticket money, as I must pay the Tigers by July 3rd.

Just to recap some quick info about this year's meet-up:

  • It's on August 3rd against the White Sox, 7:08 p.m. start
  • Tickets with our group are in section 143 and cost $43 each
  • Get your tickets by hopping onto PayPal and clicking "Send Money" to my email address: amh1980 at Please be sure to do two things when you send your payment:
  1. Mark it as a "gift" to avoid extra fees being taken out of the transaction. If you don't, that means I lose a buck or two per transaction on my end, and you will get the side-eye upon meeting me. This option is located under the "personal" tab after you click "Send Money".
  2. Put your BYB username - even if you are sure I'll know who you are - as well as your guest's name if you're bringing one somewhere in the notes so I can keep track of who sent what payment.
  • It's Fiesta Tigres again, which always includes special pregame guests, a giveaway, and FIREWORKS!
  • I've emailed Hockeytown to do pregaming there again like the last few years. Haven't heard back, but we can still camp out upstairs either way. And of course, anyone is welcome to come to that!

Hope to see some more of you decide to come to the game with us. Thanks!