"Beer of the Series" Series #27 -Tampa Bay Rays, June 28-30, Tropicana Field

Well, that sucked. That kinda sucked a lot. I vote we pretend like it never happened, move onto the Rays, and get revenge by sweeping the season series versus the White Sox.

The Rays are just like every other Joe Maddon Rays team: good pitching, solid defense, and timely hitting. Wil Myers hasn't disappointed, either (Jonah Keri is still measuring his blast from the other night). We're in for three scrappy games this weekend. Let's just play baseball.

Cigar City Brewery has been making solid, award-winning beers in Tampa since opening it's doors. While the Jai Alai IPA may be better known, this series celebrates the Tocobaga Red Ale.



The Tocobago are an ancient Native American tribe that lived near Tampa Bay before the arrival of the Spanish. Several of their mud buildings are still standing, giving Tampa an old timey feel moreso than the retirees. With the Tocobago Red Ale, you get the full gamut of amber ale characteristics. The deep auburn color, the smoky aroma, the hoppy, spicy flavor, and the clean, smooth, malty finish. The hoppy notes do impart a bit of citrus and woody flower, and there is a hit of cinnamon and a clean wash at the end. The 7.2% ABV is a surprise with how light the finish is, but this is a nice beer to sit out in the sun with on the patio and enjoy the afternoon.

Cigar City Brewery is located in Tampa, FL.

A few other good Tampa/St. Pete beers:

*Making Love @ Midnight Weissbier, 7venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin, FL

*Lectio Du Chene Strong Ale, Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, Tarpon Springs, FL

*Old Stumpy Double IPA, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Tampa, FL

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