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MLB prepared to suspend players linked to Biogenesis documents, per ESPN's John Buccigross

Biogenesis clinic owner Tony Bosch has reportedly agreed to cooperate with the MLB's investigation for players linked to possible PED distribution by the clinic from last summer. Jhonny Peralta was the only Tiger linked to the clinic.


Remember those Biogenesis documents that made headlines over the winter? They took a backseat to actual baseball once actual baseball started, but baseball's PED issue has reared its ugly head once again.

Biogenesis clinic owner Anthony Bosch has reportedly agreed to cooperate with the MLB's witch hunt investigation, which has in turn led straight to speculation that players will be suspended. There still may be a bit of red tape in the way, but this is a big step forward from a story that had been dormant for nearly two months.

Now, you may be asking why a Tigers blog is reporting on guys like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun when we have special toys that let us pull stories like this from the mothership? Unfortunately, Jhonny Peralta was one of those names linked to the Biogenesis clinic. Unlike Rodriguez and Braun, however, Peralta has never been mentioned in PED involvement before and would likely not be tagged with the same 100 game suspension targeted for the two stars.

Tigers minor leaguer Cesar Carrillo was suspended for 100 games in March because of his reported involvement with Biogenesis. However, because he was on a minor league contract, he was not eligible for protection from the MLBPA. ESPN detailed a bit more on what this can entail:

Major League players accused by MLB are expected to fight any suspension, and efforts to charge the players with multiple offenses would bring that fight to another level. In the appeals process, players are allowed to confront witnesses and evidence in a courtroom-like procedure before an arbitration panel.

Sticking with the Peralta portion of this story, it's still unclear whether the MLB will attempt to suspend him, but the fact that he's on the list that ESPN documented doesn't bode well. I would estimate that he would be given a 50 game suspension, similar to those handed out to Melky Cabrera and Yasmani Grandal, two players suspended last year for failing testosterone tests after being linked with Biogenesis.