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Game 59 Overflow: Indians at Tigers

In lieu of bullet points (since you'll be reading the same exact stuff in my recap), here are the stats from this week's MLB Draft open threads.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,111
Total commenters 43
Commenter list 13194013, BadCompany22, Barry2, BayesLaw, Brian8603, C5wynn, CokeIsMyHeroin, David Tokarz, Dberg,DetroitTigersGeek, Fielder'sChoice, FunkyTime, Grzesio, JWurm, J_the_Man, Jacob30, JerseyTigerFan, Keith-Allen, Mark in Chicago, Oberon, Phil Coke's Brain, RationalSportsFan, Rob Rogacki, Singledigit, Sneechin',SpartanBoiler, SpartanHT, Thorpac, Tigerdog1, dishnet34, doctorj, dominator039, ivantopumpyouup, johnmoz,jon.erkkila.9, jumpsuit, knucklescarbone, lesmanalim, momotigers, rea, steeplecoach, tigerlover, what.fister.thinks
Story URLs

# Commenter # Comments
1 13194013 1
2 Rob Rogacki 165
3 David Tokarz 143
4 Tigerdog1 96
5 Jacob30 96
6 Sneechin' 92
7 J_the_Man 87
8 what.fister.thinks 63
9 Keith-Allen 52
10 BadCompany22 48

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
4 Keith-Allen so you're saying there's a chance