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Tigers Twitter top 50

The list of must follow Twitter accounts for any self-respecting Tigers fan, and the rest of you, too.

just caught a ball at the game! lolz :-) #lucky
just caught a ball at the game! lolz :-) #lucky
Tom Szczerbowski

Let's mix it up and start at the bottom, working our way up to a NEW NUMBER ONE!

50. @SKORNACKI - Steve Kornacki,

Steve is a Tigers beat veteran. He recently wrote an article about how Prince Fielder's home run that hit the catwalk at Tropica Field would have gone out of Tigers Stadium. I disagreed. You can guess who won that one. Wrong, it was me!

49. @walkoffwoodward - Josh "Doc" Worn,

Josh has slowed his once frantic tweeting pace, but still offers good Tigers info and opinions.

48. @bobwojnowski - Bob Wojnowski, Detroit News.

Bob is less about everyday Tigers info and more about options and jokes about all the Detroit teams. Being entertaining is what a columnist is supposed to do, right?

47. @jcrasnick - Jerry Crasnick,

Yes, Jerry is with The Mother Ship, but he does check in on the Tigers from time to time which is refreshing.

46. @VivaTigres - Jennifer Cosey,

I haven't met many Tigers fans more passionate about the team than Jen.

45. @tiger337 - Lee Panas,

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of baseball statistics Lee is your man. I really appreciate that we have a writer with his level of sabermetric knowledge focusing on the tigers.

44. @DDowns99 - Darin Downs, Tigers Relief Pitcher.

Darin is a great guy who has fought through a lot to pitch in the big leagues. His tweets usually have wisdom and cute children.

43. @Shannon_Hogan - Fox Sports Detroit, Roaming Reporter.

Shannon is still getting after it. Running promos, tweeting photos, and interviewing the most mundane people in the ballpark.

42. @BYBKurt - Kurt Mensching, and the Detroit News.

Most of Kurt's baseball thoughts go through @blessyouboys, but you can always find good insight here as well as photos of his dog Donner.

41. @MiguelCabrera - Tigers Third Baseman.

If you don't know who this guy is there is nothing I can do to help you. Yes, his tweets are bland and corporate now, but he's STILL FREAKIN' MIGUEL CABRERA.

40. @norunsupport - Allison Hagen,

If you are annoyed with the sunshiny style of Shannon Hogan, give Allison a try!

39. @johnmoz - John Mozena.

John brings some of the best random jokes and observations about the Tigers, plus he's a Red Cross volunteer. What more do you want?!

38. @TigersProspects -

Tweets by @jgoro8 and @champaigncaviar explaining what is going on in the Tigers farm system.

37. @pleyland1013 - Patrick Leyland, Tigers Minor Leaguer.

Perhaps the last name looks familiar. Patrick is grinding it out in the minors. You'll especially love this account if you like seeing photos of Bros.

36. @AvisailGarcia34 - Tigers Outfielder.

Avi is too good for AAA and too replaceable to be in the Majors. Thoughtfully Avi often Tweets in both English and Spanish.

35. @TonyPaul1984 - Tony Paul, Detroit News.

I still disagree with Tony a lot, but he is a good follow if for nothing else than to rant against. A adherent to the Lynn Henning school of baseball opinionating.

34. @tokarzontigers - David Tokarz, Stud Muffin.

Ladies, do you want a man with advanced education? Do you like a man who knows his way around a swear word or two? Do you like a man who has passion!? David Tokarz IS THAT MAN! Tweet him your photo along with a kiss emoji and your measurements.

33. @SmylyD - Drew Smyly, Tigers Starting Pitcher

Drew tweets quite a bit which is refreshing even if it is pretty simple stuff. Sounds like he has a love/hate relationship with casinos according to a recent tweet. Check out his Instagram account as well.

32. @DKnobler -

Danny is a national writer with Detroit roots. If Danny suggests it, it is reliable.

31. @RoarTigers - Samara Pearlstein, Roar of the Tigers.

I've never met Samara but I feel like I know her just by looking at her art. She dismisses her sketches as "terrible cartoons", but I think a lot of us have felt a connection to the Tigers and to her just by enjoying her work. If that's not a sign of a good artist, I don't know what is.

30. @FSDwakiji - Dana Wakiji,

She is good at getting post game comments and trying to annoy Chris Iott.

29. @Tigerdog_1 - Patrick O'Kennedy,


28. @JustinVerlander - Tigers Starting Pitcher.

Justin uses his account to support his teammates, reach out to veterans, and try to get into the Home Run Derby.

27. @BigALBYB - Al Beaton,

Al is best known for his work at BlessYouBoys; writing game recaps and producing the podcast, but he is also pretty good with the in-game quip.

26. @toriihunter48 - Torii Hunter, Tigers Right fielder

I had hoped Torii would be a little more expressive on Twitter, but I think his experience with a couple of his quotes and the media in the off-season left him a little gun shy. He still features much of the safe athlete stuff: inspirational quotes, bible verses, and travel updates.

25. @Dan_Dickerson - Tigers Radio Network Play-by-play broadcaster.

Dan is a pro on the mic and on the internet. His post game recaps have the same classy, warm aroma as his play-by-play.

24. @jonmorosi - Jon Paul Morosi,

Jon seems to stir things up occasionally with his passion about something no one else is too excited about. People like reacting to Jon as much or more than they like enjoying and absorbing what he shares.

23. @TigsTown - Paul Wezner,

TigsTown has a lot of "boots on the ground" when it comes to giving us information on Tigers prospects. You do have pay for the information however.

22. @fakeleyland - Jim Leyland parody

Any dope could pretend to be Skip and just call everything "bullshit". But the writer of Fake Leyland does actually know his or her stuff and offers the appropriate comebacks to the haters. And trust me, there are many haters.

21. @freeptigers - Detroit Free Press.

Links to Tigers content at the Freep. This account shows a noticeable lack of attitude compared to the previous rankings. A bit more professional.

20. @Tom_Gage - Detroit News.

Tom is a veteran and a very professional Tigers writer. I'm falling in love with his distinctive hat: a baseball cap, but with more of a relaxed denim, "I bought this at a souvenir shop in Myrtle Beach" kind of style.

19. @jwagnerblade - John Wagner, Toledo Blade.

John is an indispensable source for all the news out of Toledo. Who is hurt? Who is mashing? John has you covered.

18. @RodAllen12 - Fox Sports Detroit, Color commentator.

Color commentator and ACE Hardware pitchman. I see ya big fella.

17. @blessyouboys -

Look around you, yes, you are reading this post on Congratulations! On the twitter account Kurt and the rest of the team link you to interesting articles here and also mix in some instant reaction to games in progress.

16. @spacemnkymafia - Grey Papke,

Speaking of instant reaction. When you want an opinion on what you are seeing a game, no one provides it faster or stronger than Grey. I swear he's got dozens of hashtags and phrases copied on his clipboard to drop in in an instant.

15. @nightengalejr - Bobby Nightengale Jr.,

I don't know how long he is going to be around, but while he is here covering the Tigers Nightengale Jr. is busy providing updates and factoids on the Tigers. No word on if Beck makes him fetch his dry cleaning or make him coffee. Unfortunately, there is only room for one Nightengale here so I kicked his dad off the list.

14. @matthewbmowery - Matthew B. Mowery, The Oakland Press.

I don't get to read Mowery's article's as much as I should, but he is great on Twitter and always willing to interact with fans.

13. @Tigers - Detroit Tigers.

The Tigers use their feed for all sorts of stuff. The promo stuff can get annoying, but there are good updates too.

12. @jamesschmehl - James Schemehel,

James is always right on top of providing timely information. Even on his days off he can't quite resist chiming in with a tweet or two.

11. @mario_impemba - Fox Sports Detroit Play-by-play broadcaster.

"I trust my play-by-play to Mr. Impemba, you should too!"

10. @TigersGIFs -

A new star on the Twitter Top 50 debuts all the way at number 10. These little animations are a fun way to get caught up on the Tigers, especially goofy stuff like a dude supposedly checking out Shannon Hogan's ass.

9. @Stareagle - Dave Hogg,

Strong options, good insight, a good follow.

8. @Worldofisaac -

Another newcomer to the list. I don't know how I neglected this account for so long. I assumed it was more Deadspin style, off topic nonsense, but I was really wrong. WorldofIsaac features Tigers gifs, Tigers jokes, and totally ON topic nonsense! A must follow.

7. @suss2hyphens - Matt Sussman, Baseball Prospectus

Need funny observations, jokes, and general hilarity while watching the game? Sussman is the gold standard. Check out his Hit List on Baseball Prospectus.

6. @DNR_Rogo - Scott Rogowski, DetroitTigersSnark.

He's basically a Snarknado. Remember kids, it's not mean if you are right.

5. @Lynn_Henning - Lynn Henning, Detroit News

Oh Lynn, I hate to use the word bloviate, but that's what comes to mind when I think of you. But the thing is, Lynn is GOOD at being that gloomy caricature. He's gets the Elite Tigers Fans to go nuts and gives the Rank And File Fan something to nod along to. And he's got a style. I'm not sure if it is a good style, but a style none the less. He twists nouns into verbs and mashes hyperbole into even the most mundane baseball column. Never change, Lynn; not that anyone could possibly get you to.

4. @Thompson_Tigers - Rick Thompson - Manager of Baseball Media Relations, Detroit Tigers

Brian Britten is now the teams' travel coordinator so Rick Thompson steps in to wrangle those unruly media folk. He also is often the first to communicate team decisions on player movement and other major announcements.

3. @Chris_Iott - Chris Iott,

Chris is now probably best know for inspiring new, random twitter accounts such as @JVpitchcount and @BPenaHomerCount. He is also famous for hating The Wave, Dynamite by Tiao Cruz, Friends, and being asked about the weather.

2. @beckjason - Jason Beck,

Still spotting obscure jerseys and tweeting everything anyone could want to know about the Tigers. It would take a great person to unseat Jason Beck as number 1...

1. @cuban2727 - Brayan Pena, Tigers catcher

A new NUMBER ONE! And RIGHTLY so! His PROFILE BLURB has it right when it says, "Im a great person". Brayan is the IRREPRESSIBLE Cuban ex-pat back-up CATCHER who fills the clubhouse AND TWITTER with JOY! He has a DISTINCTIVE alternating CAPS STYLE of tweeting that WOULD BE annoying if you knew it wasn't ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC. WHENEVER you need a scoop of JOY AND PERSPECTIVE, tune in to what BRAYAN HAS TO SAY!!!!

Honorable Mention:

@DrunkMiggy - Politically incorrect Miguel Cabrera parody
@AceRHDonKelly - Don Kelly parody
@BNightengale - Bob Nightengale,
@BPenaHomerCount - Tracks the number of Brayan Pena home runs
@SBNationMLB - SB Nation
@MPTuiasosopo - Tigers outfielder
@MundanePorcello- Rick Porcello parody
@catswithbats - Alexandra Simon,
@SkitchP - Guy with a computer
@RealPFielder - Prince Fielder, Tigers First Baseman

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