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Is Miguel Cabrera now a top 10 all time hitter?

Has Miguel Cabrera's incredible 2013 season moved him onto the list of top 10 hitters of all time? Tell us how you'd rank him!

Miguel Cabrera celebrates scoring a run in the All Star game
Miguel Cabrera celebrates scoring a run in the All Star game

One of the talking heads stated during the All Star game that "Miguel Cabrera is among the ten best hitters of all time". When I would hear this kind of claim as recently as early this year, I would smile but dismiss it as hyperbole. But this year Cabrera has added 93 of his best games to his resume, so I paused to consider whether it is now realistic. The definition of "best hitter" is up for discussion, like what constitutes an "All Star" or "Most Valuable Player". I am using something like "average annual performance with at least ten seasons". Can you name ten hitters better than Miggy?

Babe Ruth

Rogers Hornsby

Lou Gehrig

Ted Williams

Willie Mays

Ty Cobb

Barry Bonds

Mickey Mantle

Jimmie Foxx

Honus Wagner

If you want to exclude Barry Bonds for destroying our innocence, then whom do you add?

I see Miguel Cabrera leading the next group:

Miguel Cabrera

Albert Pujols

Stan Musial

Hank Aaron

Hank Greenberg

Joe DiMaggio

Frank Robinson

Tris Speaker

At the rate Cabrera is piling up the numbers, it should only be a matter of time before he moves into the top ten. Or is he already there?

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