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10 completely amazing Tigers life hacks

Save time and money with these helpful tricks!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

You know what life hacks are, right? Maybe you've seen the lists of the cleaver little hints to help you simplify and improve your life. Basically you use everyday things in unique and creative ways and feel smug for coming up with a neat idea. Let's give it a try!

Here are 10 amazing and simple life hacks to improve the Tigers experience:

1. Use a mirror to create the illusion Phil Coke is pitching to a lefty

2. Place some wax paper in front of your face when watching Avisail Garcia bat. You'll swear it is Miguel Cabrera


3. Post photos of Randy Johnson to keep the birds away. (works on most women as well)


4. Drape Hefty bags over the right field wall to make Torii Hunter feel at home and inspire him to make amazing leaping catches

Torii_garbabe_bags_medium a

5. This product:



6. Use a clothespin to pinch your nose shut to protect you from the aroma of Jose Valverde's stinky pitching

7. Place Austin Jackson signs around your pool this summer to keep it safe.


8. Create a sun hat out of the cardboard tray they give you for your food at the concession stand. Cut an X in the middle portion and jam it on your head. It will shade your eyes and keep your neck from getting burned!


9. Dial down your radar gun a couple of MPH to keep your flame throwers from getting a big head.

10. Save money on your wardrobe by never wearing short sleeve shirts, even when it is 90-plus degrees out.


Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

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