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Detroit Tigers rumors: K-Rod Francisco Rodriguez top target?

Would Francisco Rodriguez help the Tigers' bullpen? ESPN's Buster Olney hears they hope to acquire him by the trade deadline.


Francisco Rodriguez, better known as K-Rod, might be the Tigers' top target. ESPN's Buster Olney reported on Twitter Saturday "There is some hope in the Tigers' organization that when the dust settles, they will be the team that lands Francisco Rodriguez."

Of course, we have to mention K-Rod has a bit of a bad track record off the field, including being arrested for domestic violence last year. Earlier in his career he was arrested for hitting his father-in-law.

On the field though, he's been pretty successful. Rodriguez has 304 saves in his career, spent mainly with the Angels before he joined the Mets and later Brewers. Though he stumbled last season, he bounced back well this year: 1.34 ERA, 10 strikeouts per nine innings, 3 walks per nine innings. He's allowed 16 hits and eight walks in about 24 innings of work.

Rodriguez would give the Tigers options. If he continued as closer, Joaquin Benoit could move back to the eighth inning. Otherwise Benoit will closer and Rodriguez could pitch earlier in the games.

From time to time we see claims the Tigers should feel confident with their bullpen, but Al Alburquerque and Bruce Rondon have not been consistent enough to give a lot of warm feelings there. Continuing to search for additional relief help seems in Detroit's best interest.

K-Rod may just be the help they need.

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