2013 Detroit Tigers Haikus

I will gladly make more if people enjoy these. Let me know!

Happy birthday to my beloved mother!

2013 Detroit Tigers Haikus

Jim Leyland, manager

The Marlboro madman
Huffing and puffing to 1st
*Cough* "Bullpen problems?"

Miguel Cabrera, 3B

Legendary bat
Only rocks his crowns in threes
Can he make it six?

Justin Verlander, SP

The ace of Motown
Bouts of maddening control
Don't lose us, Justin!

Max Scherzer, SP

Look into his eyes
Multi-colored K's for Max
Still looking? Me too

Austin Jackson, CF

Globs of tobacco
Ranging, diving, and robbing
"Please let me steal, Jim!"

Prince Fielder, 1B

Like father, like son
Lovably chunky slugger

Torii Hunter, RF

Clubhouse confidant
No more thorn in Tigers side
Still gives Bonds nightmares

Victor Martinez, DH

Return of V-Mart
Only DH in top plays
Watch that ankle, Vic!

Jhonny Peralta, SS

Big bat, little glove
Habla ingles? PEDs!
Hitting, awaiting

Doug Fister, SP

Lanky, looping, Doug
Plunk - another hit batter
Score runs for this man!

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