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Detroit Tigers rumors: July 31 isn't the end of trade season

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July 31 gets all the attention, but that doesn't mean the trade season ends. MLB teams have to jump through an extra couple of hoops, making trades more difficult, but they can keep trying to improve even after the end of July. That may be the best choice for the Tigers.

That's because the team doesn't need to chase some marquee player. The closer situation has been ironed out quite well with Joaquin Benoit at the back of the bullpen, supported by Drew Smyly. Even Bruce Rondon is starting to come around, so long as he doesn't balk in any more runs. We know longer have to suffer through Phil Coke pitching to a right-hander in a one-run game in the ninth inning. Life is ... well, not good. But not as bad as it looked a month ago, right?

But that's not to say the Tigers should hold their cards and quit. They should keep their eyes peeled for additional relief help in case Al Alburquerque doesn't get it figured out or to upgrade on the myriad of other middle relievers. There are improvements that can be made -- and they should be made. The team just doesn't need to go out and spend the farm on a big name in July.

It may not be exciting, but winning the World Series should be the exciting event, not what your team does in July. No trades this month are necessary to get where the Tigers need to be.

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