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Detroit Tigers Links: Torii Hunter's toughness & Miguel Cabrera's absence might be beneficial

Torii Hunter is one of the toughest players Jim Leyland has managed, Miguel Cabrera's absence might be beneficial, and Dodger Stadium introduces frozen beer foam machine. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

AL Central Standings

Detroit 55 44 .555 0 Won 3
Cleveland 53 48 .524 3 Won 1
Kansas City 47 51 .479 7.5 Won 2
Minnesota 43 55 .438 11.5 Lost 1
Chicago 39 58 .402 15 Lost 2

(updated 7.24.2013 at 8:07 PM PDT)

Tigers links:

Torii Hunter’s New Approach
FanGraphs Baseball, Eno Sarris

Torii Hunter is a changed man. Remember when he was a power-hitting centerfielder in the middle of the lineup?

Jim Leyland: Detroit Tigers' Torii Hunter 'one of the toughest players I've ever managed'
Detroit Free Press, George Sipple

Told of Leyland's comments, Hunter said: 'To hear it from Leyland, a guy that's been around the game 40, 50 years, he's seen a lot of players. For him to call me tough, that's an honor.'

Omar Infante expects Friday trip to Toledo before he could return to Tigers, Peter J. Wallner

Tigers second baseman in West Michigan lineup as designated hitter tonight and hopes to play six innings in the field on Thursday before going to Toledo.

The Detroit Tigers AT & T Commerical That Needs To Be Made

AT & T GUY: What’s better? Scoring more runs or less runs?

Here's Miguel Cabrera trying to force feed Brayan Pena a Fig Newton
Detroit4Lyfe, Bob Biscigliano

The Detroit Tigers are all about making sure their teammates are well fed.

.gif | Joaquín Benoit Dances With Himself
Walkoff Woodward, Alexandra Simon

The FSD cameras caught closer Joaquín Benoit dancing by himself in the Tigers’ bullpen during the team’s 6-2 win on Tuesday night.

Losing Miguel Cabrera for a Few Games Might Be a Positive for Detroit Tigers
Motor City Bengals, Matt Pelc

Are the Detroit Tigers better off without Miguel Cabrera for a few games? If they learn to win without relying on their star, it is true.

Elsewhere in baseball:

On the roid rage of fans and columnists ...
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee

Everyone has a #hottake about steroids and how they've ruined America's pastime. Most of them are steaming nonsense. But do you know who can be that disgusted?

Dodger Stadium introduces frozen beer foam machine
Big League Stew, Mark Townsend

Good news for baseball fans who dream of enjoying a cold, refreshing beer on a warm summer day or night at the ballpark.