"Beer of the Series" Series #34 - Philadelphia Phillies, July 26-28, Comerica Park

After a post-All Star break road trip, the Tigers return back home, where the wins and runs have been...well, more plentiful than they have been on the road (I must say, that hitting background is one of the better ones in the league). While we're still trying to figure out what's wrong with the VerlanderBot, the other starters have done a nice job picking up the slack, plus, besides yesterday's game, a few of the bats are starting to wake up.

Crossing over from the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies are a study in "meh." They sit 8 games back in the NL East, but that's still good enough for a tie for second with the Washington Bryce Hapers. Gone are the days of the best rotation ever assembled, but their current crop of starters are not half bad. The problem now is the fact that they can't hit, and all their name players just keep getting older, injured, or older and injured. It's gotten so bad that they're willingly paying Delmon Young to play the outfield.

As for the beer, we continue the Indiana beers for Interleague series rule. Today's offering comes from Mad Anthony Brewing Company in Ft. Wayne, one of the closest Indiana breweries to Detroit. Despite the fact that they may have one of the funniest beer names in the country (the Harry Baals Irish Stout, named after a local civic leader; yes, that's his real name), the chosen beer is a nod to the home town of the future Mrs. rbbaker: the Auburn Lager.



The Auburn Lager is a nice, clean, smooth red lager, unique in that most reds/ambers are ales, but the cold fermentation of the Auburn Lager allows it to have a cleaner, crisper flavor profile. The pale and crystal malts used provide a clean, clear complexion to the beer allowing a nice toasty flavor to shine through, then a light hoppy aftertaste to come in and cleanse the palate. Flavorful and easy drinking, the 4.6% ABV and 21 IBU figures allow you to pair this with anything on a nice summer day while you sit back and enjoy watching Charlie Manuel attempt to match up with the Tigers bats (that hopefully includes Miguel Cabrera)

Mad Anthony Brewing Company is located in Ft. Wayne, IN.

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