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Eat 'em up Tigers Guy reportedly killed in hit and run accident

RIP "Eat 'em up Tigers Guy," you'll be missed by Tigers fans everywhere.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit television station WDIV is reporting James Van Horn, the busker known as "Eat 'em Up Tigers Guy," was killed early Saturday morning in a hit and run accident on Gratiot near Russell.

Witnesses also say killed in the 3 AM incident was another familiar street person known as "Dreadlock Mike." Detroit police have yet to confirm the identity of either victim.

"Eat 'em Up Tigers Guy" was well known to Detroit Tigers fans. You would run across him on the way to Comerica Park infectiously chanting "Eat 'em up Tigers, Eat 'em up" while holding a change cup in an oversize Incredible Hulk hand.

A Facebook page for him has over 28K likes. A funeral fundraising site has been set up at Down with Detroit will donate all proceeds from a t-shirt designed in James' honor toward his funeral and/or homeless charity.

The Bless You Boys community sends our condolences to the friends and family of "Eat 'em Up Tigers Guy" and "Dreadlock Mike."

"Eat 'em up Tigers, Eat 'em up!"