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Chad Fairchild and the Phillies couldn't help but give the Tigers some favors

Jeff Fairchild tosses Miguel Cabrera from Sunday's game
Jeff Fairchild tosses Miguel Cabrera from Sunday's game
Gregory Shamus

Jeff Chad Fairchild did the Tigers a favor by giving Miguel Cabrera the day off. With an off day on Monday, he had two extra days to rest his hip and should be good to go.

The Phillies did the Tigers many favors in that dumpster fire of a sixth inning. Without Miguel Cabrera or Torii Hunter the game could have been one of those frustratingly quiet offensive performances, but the Phillies would not allow that.

The Tigers did the Phillies a favor by sweeping the series. Any disillusionment that Philadelphia had of contending should now be gone. With a lineup including John McDonald, Michael Martinez, Darin Ruf, Kevin Frandsen, Steve Susdorf they should be in fire sale mode. Philadelphia could get something for Michael Young or Jonathan Papelbon, though Papelbon allowed three baserunners in his one inning and no longer looks like anything special. Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley could also be traded for prospects, if they dared upset their fans.

The Yankees did the Tigers a favor by continuing to air their dirty laundry. They provide a reminder about the quality and professionalism of the Tigers' management. The Yankees' squabbles with Alex Rodriguez about his health have been public, and now they are arguing about the Alfonso Soriano trade. The General Manager, Brian Cashman, says that Hal Steinbrenner forced him to make the deal over his objections. They traded away Corey Black, who has a very pedestrian 4.25 ERA and 1.50 WHIP in Advanced-A ball. I am sure the Tigers have disagreements in the front office, but they keep it out of the press so we can focus on the game.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweeted that the Rangers would trade Joe Nathan for Drew Smyly. Thanks, Texas. You can have Smyly for Yu Darvish, otherwise we are not doing you any favors.

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