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Some Tigers think Colby Rasmus' slide was dirty

A number of Tigers were not happy with the slide that knocked second baseman Omar Infante from the game

Brad White

When Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus slid hard at second base, knocking Omar Infante first to the ground then from the game, fans took notice. Many were not happy, though some thought the slide was fine. The Tigers, too, took notice. They were especially not happy, though it wasn't universal.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland during the Fox Sports Detroit postgame simply declared: "That's baseball."

However, starting pitcher Max Scherzer, who had actually put Rasmus on first base as a hit batsman, disagreed: "If we were to retaliate on him, we get suspended. But, really, he should get suspended for making a slide like that.," as reported by MLive's James Schmehl.

Infante, as you might expect, was also not happy. "I don't think he needed to slide like that. I think that's dirty." (per's Jason Beck). Infante continued: "That's a dirty play. I know you come in to break up a double play, but not like that." (Beck)

Torii Hunter, who had his own beef with the Blue Jays after being hit by a pitch, was not happy about Rasmus slide either. "The lateness of the slide, the spikes were up, it was all wrong," Beck quotes.

Then we have Peralta, who told Beck he wasn't sure about the play. He didn't seem to spend much time at all analyzing it on the postgame.

In case you didn't see it live, here's a GIF of the play to go along with the cover photo.