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'Vast majority' involved in MLB's Biogenesis investigation will agree to suspensions, including Jhonny Peralta

Amongst those who have reportedly agreed to 50 games suspensions is the Tigers' Jhonny Peralta.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple sources are reporting deals have been cut and punishments will soon be levied in MLB's Biogenesis investigation. The PED suspensions are expected to be announced for all players within 72 hours (The AP is reporting Friday). Amongst those suspended will be Tigers' shortstop Jhonny Peralta.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports players linked to Biogenesis who have not previously been suspended will receive 50 game suspensions. The 50 games is considered the baseline for any player with Biogenesis ties, double digit games added to the few who do not fully cooperate.

Sources for Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan claim the "vast majority" of players targeted by MLB will accept the suspensions, including big names such as Peralta and Nelson Cruz of the Rangers. The one holdout is the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez. Passan says Rodriguez will appeal any suspension, despite what MLB believes is overwhelming evidence tying him to PED use and the Florida wellness clinic.

Also caught in MLB's PED dragnet and expected to receive suspensions are the Mariners’ Jesus Montero, the Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli and Fernando Martinez, the MetsCesar Puello and free agents Fautino De Los Santos and Jordan Norberto.

The main reason for Peralta to essentially cop a plea is financial. In midst of a career season, Peralta is in the final year of his contract and in line for a considerable raise. If he decided to appeal, a process which could take months, the odds are extremely high that Peralta would start next season with a long suspension hanging over his head. Which, of course, would greatly lessen his bargaining power as a free agent.

As of tonight's victory, the Tigers have 57 games remaining. If Peralta accepts a 50-game suspension this week, he would be eligible to return by the end of season and make the Tigers' playoff roster. To not cooperate with MLB would mean double-digit games being added to Peralta's suspension, putting a return before the end of the season at risk.

The Tigers have been keeping their thoughts Peralta's status close to the vest. General Manager Dave Dombrowski declined to comment today, saying, "It's a Major League Baseball issue."

If all reports are true, it's soon to be a Detroit Tigers issue.