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Jose Iglesias fielding highlights video roundup

With all the talk about Iglesias' glove, I thought I'd track down some highlights


Tuesday, Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski compared Jose Iglesias to some of the best defensive shortstops you can name, including Ozzie Smith and Omar Vizquel. Talk is cheap. We need to see for ourselves, right? So I started combing YouTube and, well, needless to say, I used "holy crap" more than once in my viewing.

Here's a 4 minute clip. If you're in the office you're probably going to want to mute your computer, the music in the background is a bit NSFW. The highlights are great.

To say the least, Rick Porcello, Doug Fister and the rest of the pitchers are probably grinning ear to ear this morning.

One from Iglesias at third base earlier this year.

A package from 2012.

Here's a clip from 2011:

And a few more from 2011.

I think we're going to like this kid pretty quick.

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