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Detroit Tigers rumors: Javier Lopez still in play

The Tigers made a move Monday, they made a move Tuesday, will they make a move in the final hours before the trade deadline? Let's see.

Jennifer Stewart

Tuesday we heard murmurers the Tigers were not done working on the bullpen: Reports stated they eyed left-hander Javier Lopez of the Giants. Today, those discussions may be still in play, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.

Lopez has a 1.42 ERA after 45 innings of work in 2013 and an FIP is 2.06. He's really benefitted this season from an increased strikeout rate, to nearly a quarter of plate appearances being finished with a 'K.' Meanwhile his walk rate has decreased incrementally. He has yet to allow a home run this season, and in fact has given up just one home run in 212 games with the Giants.

The Tigers may be thinking about improving upon Phil Coke in the bullpen, though when used exclusively as a lefty specialist he is capable. But to be fair, Lopez has better splits against both RHB and LHB and would be an improvement over several players who are already in the bullpen. He doesn't even need to pitch as a specialist. Just think of a second Drew Smyly, really.

Will the Tigers make the move? Find a different player? Stand pat and think about making a waiver trade in August? With the deadline only a few hours away, that all remains to be seen.


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