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GIF of the Day: Brayan Pena out-fundamentals Nick Swisher on a weak groundout

Nick Swisher committed a cardinal sin tonight when he failed to run out a slow ground ball, and Brayan Pena made him pay in embarrassing fashion.

Anyone who played Little League baseball heard their coach -- and parents, probably -- repeatedly tell them to run out every ball they hit, whether it was a slow roller right at their feet or a bomb 100 feet over the heads of the outfielders. Some of the rules we are taught go by the wayside in the big leagues, possibly even for good reason.

Tonight, Nick Swisher failed to run out a slow ground ball along the third base. Brayan Pena, BYB's GIF king, made a heads up play by monitoring Swisher while simultaneously watching the ball roll from foul to fair territory, then ran back to home plate and tagged Swisher for the easy out.


Pena's face, as usual, was like a kid on Christmas morning.


Meanwhile, Swisher wasn't as amused.


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