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GIF: Nick Swisher falls down

Apparently Nick Swisher's bad night wasn't quite done in nine innings. He slipped while rounding third base in the bottom of the 10th inning, costing the Indians a crucial run in a 4-2 loss.

David Banks

Nick Swisher didn't have a very good game tonight. He grounded out weakly in the eighth inning in embarrassing, ESPN "Not Top 10" fashion. To add insult to... well, insult, Swisher slipped while rounding third base in the tenth inning. The score stayed 4-2, and Joaquin Benoit struck out Mike Aviles to end the game.


And if you want the slow-mo version, Fox Sports Detroit has you covered.


This would have been the perfect opportunity for that Phantom Cam business, but apparently they took away that toy before Rod and Mario abused it too much.

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