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Home Run Derby 2013: Prince Fielder to defend title

Updated: Yoenis Cespedes will be the final member of the AL roster. Prince Fielder will be the Tigers' only rep. Miguel Cabrera was picked for the event but chose to rest his back instead.

Prince Fielder will represent the Detroit Tigers for the American League on the 2013 Home Run Derby roster next week. Miguel Cabrera may as well.

When the rosters were announced on Monday, there was an open spot listed.'s Mark Emery reported Monday night that the spot is being held for Miguel Cabrera. However, Cabrera's recent back issues have left him a question mark. If he's feeling healthy he will join Fielder as the second Tiger. If not, somebody else will get the spot.

The AL roster was selected by Robinson Cano of the Yankees. Cabrera spoke of his conversation with Cano (via "He talked to me one week ago for that," Cabrera said. "I say it depends how my back's feeling. If that's OK, I will do it. But he asked me already, so we're waiting to see how my back's feeling. Hopefully, I can do it."

We do know that Orioles first baseman Chris Davis will represent the AL. Davis has 33 home runs, leading the majors. Cabrera has 28, good for second place in the majors. Fielder lags at 15, which is only good for 16th in the AL, but he is the defending champion of the event.

Fielder hit 28 home runs in the derby during 2012's All-Star break to defeat Toronto's Jose Bautista.

On the National League side, Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper will join two Rockies batters, Michael Cuddyer and Carlos Gonzalez. NL captain David Wright of the Mets rounds out the squad. Gonzalez leads the NL with 24 HR. Harper has 13, and former-Twin Cuddyer has 15. David Wright has 13.

The home run derby will be held 8 p.m. July 15.

2013 Home Run Derby rosters:


Robinson Cano - Yankees - Captain

Prince Fielder - Tigers

Chris Davis - Orioles

TBA: Miguel Cabrera (if healthy) - Tigers


David Wright - Mets - Captain

Bryce Harper - Nats -

Michael Cuddyer - Rockies

Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies

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