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GIF: Miguel Cabrera's game-tying home run off Mariano Rivera

"You want some, come get some." -Mario Impemba

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Yankees manager Joe Girardi didn't look comfortable at any point during the ninth inning showdown between Miguel Cabrera and Mariano Rivera. Despite being down in an 0-2 count against the greatest closer of all-time, Cabrera worked his way back to a manageable 2-2 count before hitting a game-tying homer over the center field wall.


Two amazing things about this GIF: Rivera knew it was gone as soon as it left his hand, and Brett Gardner's devastated reaction when the ball clears the fence.


Fox Sports Detroit's recent habit of showing the dugout's reaction paid dividends again, and we once again see Torii Hunter in disbelief at something his incredible teammate did.


And, of course, the Tigers fans at Yankee Stadium were beside themselves.


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