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Report: Highly unlikely Jhonny Peralta will rejoin Tigers for post season play

ESPN's Pedro Gomez tweets sources tell him Peralta is not working out with the Tigers or in their post season plans.


ESPN's Pedro Gomez reports sources have told him Jhonny Peralta and the Rangers' Nelson Cruz  will not participate in post season play.

The following tweet is telling, but not surprising.

Keep in mind the Tigers have yet to show their hand when it comes to Peralta's status. He will be eligible to rejoin the team for their final series of the season, three games in Miami with the Marlins.

General Manager Dave Dombrowski is on record saying the organization has not made a decision in regard to the return of Perata, who will be a free agent at the end of the season.

"That’s not something we’re going to tackle at this point. We don’t have to make that decision. That’s way down the road."

"That’s down the road. That’s two months. I think I’ve spoken enough about that."

But it would not be in Dombrowski's nature to let the media know his true thoughts when it comes to anything involving personnel. If the Tigers' had made a decision either way, Dombrowski wouldn't admit it to the media.

As for Peralta not working out with the team? Dombrowski covered that when the suspension went down. It wasn't happening with Peralta, regardless.

"He can work out with the club. He will not be working out with us at this point. ... He’s not going not to be able to play for 50 games. We wouldn’t have anyone around us in that circumstance."

From all accounts, Peralta was liked and respected by his teammates and would be accepted back. His replacement, Jose Iglesias, has played sterling defense while hitting .250 in eight games as a Tiger.

The Giants have already set a precedent in a similar situation, when free-agent-to-be Melky Cabrera was suspended mid-August of last season for PED use. Despite his leading the NL with a .346 batting average when punished, the Giants didn't bring Cabrera back after the suspension. We all know how their season ended.

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