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Torii Hunter on Prince Fielder: "People don't know what's going on in his life"

Torii Hunter was interviewed on Detroit Sports 105.1 this afternoon, inferring personal problems are causing Prince Fielder's down season. Fielder denies there is anything wrong.

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The always talkative Torii Hunter was interviewed by Ryan Ermanni and Rico Beard on Detroit Sports 105.1, and may have spoke a little too frankly about Prince Fielder. Hunter inferred the Tigers' first baseman is dealing with personal problems which have affected his play and fans should back off.

Click here for the "Ryan and Rico" audio.

James Schmehl of Mlive transcribed Hunter's quotes about his teammate on Twitter.

Fielder didn't have much to say about the matter. As reported by Mlive's Chris Iott , Fielder wouldn't confirm anything Hunter said, preferring the story would go away.

"I'm going to turn the story off," Fielder said late Tuesday afternoon. "It's fine. Everything's fine."

Before tonight's game, via FSD's Dana Wakiji, Hunter offered an explanation.

Be it accidental or with good intentions, Fielder may not be happy with possible personal issues exposed. I'd rather not speculate on what may have been affecting Fielder, but those problems may explain quite a bit as to his down season.

Going into tonight's game, Fielder is hitting a mediocre .261/.352/.432, with 17 home runs and 81 RBIs. His .784 OPS is 132 points lower than his career number of .916. Fielder is tracking for career lows in most offensive categories, including batting average and home runs.

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