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The 2013 BYB Meet-Up: Where and when to find us

It's Saturday; the Meet-Up is TODAY! Even if you don't have a ticket, read on to find out where we'll be and come say hello.

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Cath and I are excited to see everyone! We will be meeting at The Dirty Trick starting at 4pm. They are located at 2001 Woodward, at the corner of Adams (MAP!). Cath and I will have a sign set up with your tickets and everything. They do serve food if you want to eat there. Please remember this place is doing us a favor so tip your bartender/waitstaff well and behave.

We are going to depart the bar by 6:15 to get over to the ballpark. It's Fiesta Tigres so the gates open early, at 5:00. I anticipate some pregame ceremonies. If you are not able to get downtown by 6:15, please text me and let me know: my number was emailed to all attendees. If you have not received the email, please comment so I can get it to you. If you are late, we can arrange to meet at Gate C (Brush and Adams), which is closest to our seats in section 143.

If you want to get your tickets ahead of time for any reason, I should be around and checking into the Westin by 2. Tweet at me or text me if you've got my number and I'll do what I can.

Post game, I imagine we'll end up at State Bar or the Westin like last year. I'll tweet where we go. Hopefully rain will not be chasing everybody away so that we can hang out more, there is a chance of thunderstorms again, but we won't let that ruin our party! You can find me on twitter @norunsupport, and I'll be tweeting from the @blessyouboys account as well. Thanks everyone!

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