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Bless You Boys Podcast 83: I forgot Darin Downs was even in the bullpen

In the latest Bless You Boys Podcast, Kurt and Al take on the last week of Tigers baseball, forget Darin Downs was in the bullpen, give Prince Fielder his personal space and believe apologies for PED use are a complete waste of time.


Bless You Boys Podcast 83 has a running time of 1:07 and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.

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Topics include:

Big series win against the Royals, bad series loss to the Twins.

Should we be concerned the Tigers haven't left the Indians completely in the dust?

Victor Martinez, catcher.

When will be the right time to rest Miguel Cabrera, if there even is one?

Prince Fielder's divorce is none of our business.

Joaquin Benoit sat for six straight games. How ridiculous is it baseball’s conventional wisdom dictates you absolutely cannot use your closer unless you have a ninth inning lead?

Phil Coke is Toledo bound.

Will Nick Castellanos be called up by August 31? Will fans expect too much?

MLB to expand instant replay, but is a challenge system the way to go?

Miguel Tejada is hit with the third longest non-lifetime suspension ever for Adderall use.

Why does everyone want a meaningless apology for PED use? Regardless, Ryan Braun issued one.

Ryan Dempster causes a cluster over drilling Alex Rodriguez, receives a inappropriately short suspension.

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