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Detroit Tigers Links: Miguel Cabrera's second Triple Crown run & the story of Casper Wells

Miguel Cabrera's second Triple Crown run, the story of Casper Wells, and the odds of Matt Harvey breaking down. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Leon Halip

Tigers links:

Tigers continue to be the biggest show in town
The Detroit News, Lynn Henning

For the fourth time in seven years, the Tigers are about to draw 3 million fans.

Watch: Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera gives hilarious interview on MLB Network (with video)
Detroit Free Press

Cabrera, at Comerica Park, dropped by the show to talk about his celebratory handshake with Prince Fielder, who’s the ugliest teammate, who as the ugliest feet on the team and whether he’s smoked a cigarette with manager Jim Leyland.

Five Tigers Players, Five Amazing Tigers Seasons

I have a newsflash for you guys and gals. Miguel Cabrera is really good at baseball. Bet you didn’t know that.

Miguel Cabrera could win both the Triple Crown and the even more rare ‘Sextuple Crown’
Yahoo! Sports, Mike Oz

How many crowns can one man wear? If said man is Miguel Cabrera, the answer is "however many he pleases." But six would do in 2013.

Cabrera and great seasons by 3Bs
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

Best seasons by third basemen since 1980, at least according to Baseball-Reference's Wins Above Replacement formula: 1. Adrian Beltre, 2004 Dodgers.

Miguel Cabrera: Trade Bait? Part Three
Motor City Bengals, Grant Stoye

Part one of this series broached the topic of trading Miguel Cabrera, part two examined the financial implications, and part three will take a look at potential returns for the Greatest Hitter of this Generation.

Around the AL Central:

MLB Final Score/Recap: A ball that should have been caught ends up costing the Indians dearly in a 2-0 loss in Atlanta
Let's Go Tribe

The game hinged on a dropped catch in the second inning.

Elsewhere in baseball:

The Odds of Matt Harvey Breaking Down
FanGraphs Baseball, Jeff Zimmerman

It was reported Matt Harvey may need Tommy John surgery because of a torn UCL in his right elbow.

Ryan Howard and the Stupid People
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

When Ryan Howard got his big contract extension with the Phillies, some people thought it was too much money for too many years.

The Story of Casper Wells, Baseball's Schlemiel
The Triangle Blog, Michael Baumann

By normal people’s standards, Casper Wells is very fortunate. He's young and handsome, and makes a good living by playing a sport.