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Bless You Boys Podcast 84: Hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Albert!

In the latest BYB Podcast, Kurt and Al are joined by the newest member of the BYB staff, HookSlide. The gang looks back at the past week of Tigers baseball, ask why fans hate Andy Dirks, call out Buster Olney and make fun of Justin Verlander conspiracy theorists.

Leon Halip

Bless You Boys Podcast 83 has a running time of 1:11 and features HookSlide, Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton. Also, a very special appearance from Fat Albert.

Download the MP3, or listen via the streaming version below.

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Topics include:

The Tigers lose three of four to the Athletics, yet their division lead increases by 1/2 game.

Would an A's sweep really have been that big a deal in the big scheme of things?

The Indians arrive for a three game series, whilre Detroit fans are apparently scared to death the Tigers are going to collapse at any time.

More of the same from Justin Verlander, he's consistently inconsistent.

After Miguel Cabrera, who is the Tigers' most valuable hitter?

Why has Andy Dirks become the fan base's whipping boy?

Who gets called up when rosters expand?

Tigers send five to the Arizona Fall League.

ESPN's Buster Olney throws crap at wall to determine the Tigers are in the Robinson Cano free agent sweepstakes.

Young stud pitcher’s elbow blows up, Matt Harvey becomes example number infinity:

According to Forbes, the Astros are either the most profitable team ever, or they aren't.

Yasiel Puig gets benched twice by Don Mattingly for "disciplinary reasons."

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