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POLL: Should Jhonny Peralta play for the Tigers again after his suspension is over?

Jhonny Peralta's 50 game suspension for his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal ends three games before the end of the season. Should he play for the Tigers in the playoffs?

Duane Burleson

The blessing (or curse, if you will) of the Biogenesis suspensions being handed out today is that the 50 game penalties that Jhonny Peralta and others have incurred will end before the start of the postseason. Many of the players involved play for teams with little to no shot at the postseason, but two -- Peralta and Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers -- could have a substantial impact on their team's World Series chances in the postseason.

Cruz's bat is a big part of a Texas lineup that has struggled to score runs this season. The Rangers are ninth in the American League in runs scored, and losing a player hitting .269/.330/.511 with 27 home runs and 76 RBI this season won't help one bit. They need Cruz's bat in the lineup if they reach the postseason.

The Tigers, on the other hand, planned ahead. Dave Dombrowski traded for shortstop Jose Iglesias last week in preparation for losing Peralta for 50 games. Patrick detailed what missing Peralta's bat will mean to the Tigers' lineup earlier, but the drop off from Peralta to Iglesias likely won't cost the Tigers the division*. The playoffs, however, are a different animal. As we saw the last two years with Delmon Young, any bat can be the difference in a short series.

*It's entirely possible that the Tigers don't win the Central, but there likely will be more contributing factors than just Iglesias' play if this actually happens.

The question at hand here isn't "Peralta or Iglesias?" Whether or not Jhonny returns, Iglesias will be on the playoff roster. Peralta's bat would likely be a much better addition to the playoff roster than someone like Hernan Perez or Ramon Santiago, but the Tigers may consider other factors when deciding whether Peralta will don the Olde English D again.

What do you think, BYB? Should Peralta suit up for the Tigers once his suspension ends, or have we seen the last of Jhonny Peralta in Detroit?

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