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MLB Biogenesis scandal: Jim Leyland, Tigers players respond to Jhonny Peralta's 50 game suspension

The Tigers haven't said much about Jhonny Peralta's suspension yet, but Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer chimed in with some thoughts.

Jonathan Daniel

Max Scherzer made headlines a couple weeks ago after Ryan Braun was suspended, chastising Braun for his actions. Scherzer advocated for drastic actions, such as cutting contracts, in addition to stiffer suspensions for performance enhancing drug use. Scherzer also added:

"The whole thing has been despicable on his part," Scherzer told "For me, as a player, you want to believe the system works, but obviously [Braun] found a way around it. For me, it's just not long enough. For somebody who cheated the game as badly as he did, it doesn’t seem right. For people who intentionally cheat, I have no sympathy."

Given Scherzer's earlier statements, many fans were interested to hear what Scherzer would have to say about Jhonny Peralta's suspension for his involvement with the Biogenesis clinic. His reply was polite, but still carried the same tone as his earlier comments about Braun.

Justin Verlander also offered up a couple sentences.

Meanwhile, Jim Leyland skirted the questions entirely. Given his current concerns -- the upcoming four game series is sort of important -- I can't blame him.

The Tigers have allowed limited media access to the players and the clubhouse today, but we will update as we hear more from other players on the roster.

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