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Anibal Sanchez is the Tigers' ice cream man, according to Miguel Cabrera

Brayan Pena and Miguel Cabrera want to eat ice cream, but apparently Anibal Sanchez is having none of it.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Brayan Pena and Miguel Cabrera are currently in the midst of a very entertaining exchange on Twitter. BYB's crack research team has uncovered the following.

Loosely translated: "My brother Miguel Cabrera THE BEST HITTER OF ALL-TIME... we're gonna eat ice cream!!!"

Miggy then responded with one of the most important glimpses into the Tigers clubhouse we've seen in recent years.

Either this is a euphemism for beating up on the Cleveland Indians, or Anibal Sanchez is solely responsible for the distribution of chilled, sugary treats in the Tigers clubhouse.

To recap the things we learned:

  1. Miguel Cabrera might be the best hitter of all-time (still up for debate)
  2. Brayan Pena likes ice cream more than Fig Newtons.
  3. Miggy_pena_cookie2_medium

  4. Anibal Sanchez is the Tigers' ice cream man.

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