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GIF of the Day: Celebrations abound in the Tigers dugout during tonight's 6-5 victory

The Tigers might have had a five game lead heading into tonight's game, but the way their dugout reacted to some of the big plays of the game, you would have thought they were the ones fighting for their playoff lives.

Jason Miller

The Tigers' dugout erupted when Alex Avila homered on Monday night to give them a 4-2 lead in the series opener against the Cleveland Indians. Tonight, they got excited again when Miguel Cabrera homered to give them a 4-3 lead in the eighth inning.

First, the entire dugout reacts.


Justin Verlander and Jose Iglesias looked extremely bored prior to the pitch to Cabrera, but quickly perked up.


Then, in the 14th inning, Prince Fielder's two RBI double gave the team a 6-4 lead.


Alex Avila and Torii Hunter celebrated appropriately, if mildly, on the bench.


And people say there's no emotion in baseball.

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