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The 'Detroit's Bankrupt' chant: Crime against humanity or much ado about nothing?

Cleveland Indians fans responded to a "Let's Go Tigers" chant with one of their own, the insulting "Detroit's Bankrupt." An uproar ensued.

Jason Miller

The "Deeee-Troit's Bank-Ruuuupt" chant unleashed by Cleveland Indians fans has caused an uproar, both locally and nationally. It's been sports talk radio fodder all of Thursday, and has made the rounds, from the tabloidish Deadspin to the staid Wall Street Journal.

From all accounts, the "Detroit's bankrupt" chant was just a few thousand drunken Nick Swisher fans trying their best to take their minds off the Tigers destroying the Indians. Being Detroit is all too often used as a national punching bag, we've all heard worse. I know I have.

I'm a born and raised SE Michigander and I lived in the city of Detroit for almost a decade. Detroit bashing is nothing new to me. But the recent financial struggles of the city have given fodder to those who, for the vast majority, have never visited the area, lived in the city or neighboring environs while ignoring what's happening in their own backyards. To the clueless and ignorant, Detroit is either a Beirut with worse infrastructure or full of nothing but criminals and welfare cheats. Both far from the truth. I know from first hand experience, as do most of you reading.

All I can say is, "He is is without sin, cast the first stone." Or "Look in the mirror." Or "Put out that fire on the river!" (WOW, cheap shots are easy!) Hell, every city has it fair share of scandals, let alone some too horrific to even remotely joke about.

Cleveland's response to the so-called controversy? "Move on." Easier for them to say, as no one is going to the games.

Is too much being made of the of the chant? I tend to think so, even if I also believe it was a completely classless thing to do.

Here's a piece of advice to the chanting bros in Ohio. If you must bash Detroit, at leasi be creative and funny. "Detroit's Bankrupt" was neither.