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Bless You Boys Podcast 86: Singing for the Singing Hot Dog Man

In this week's BYB Podcast, Kurt, Al and HookSlide look back at the past week of Tigers baseball, the possible return of Jhonny Peralta, the AL Cy Young race, ump shows, breaking unwritten baseball rules and sing about The Singing Hot Dog Man.

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Bless You Boys Podcast 86 has a running time of 1:08 and features Al Beaton, along with the singing debuts of HookSlide and Kurt Mensching.

Download the MP3, or listen via the streaming version below.

Note from Al: I'm contemplating moving the BYB Podcast to a new host, and experimenting with Blog Talk Radio. You can check out the BYB Podcast as both an on-demand stream and a downloadable MP3 from this page.

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Topics include:

A 4 1/2 game lead? DOOOOOM. The Tigers' lead is back to six? Never mind.

Jhonny Peralta is working out with the team.(click here for all of BYB's Peralta's suspension coverage)

Does Peralta's rejoining the team ensure he'll be activated when the suspension ends? Should he be?

Should morality play into this decision at all?

Peralta in left field. Good or bad idea?

Who should be worried about being left off the playoff roster if Peralta is activated?

Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez and the AL Cy Young.

On top of being injured, Miguel Cabrera is slumping.

The future of Omar Infante.

Ump show? Ump show!

Charlie Marcuse, aka The Singing Hot Dog Man is fired for being anti-ketchup.

The Marlins' Jose Fernandez hits a home run, breaks several unwritten baseball rules. Braves react as if Fernandez (and his world class "I don't give a shit" face) is Public Enemy Number One.

Which team do you HATE?

HookSlide's Detroit Tigers audio clips archive at and Facebook page.

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For more MLB news, check out SBNation's MLB page. For the latest rumors, head to SBNation's MLB Daily Dish.

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