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World Series Odds: Dodgers, Red Sox favored over Tigers

Detroit's odds were pretty high for most of the year, but they've dipped recently.

Gregory Shamus

The latest World Series odds have been released by, and the Tigers have taken a bit of a dip. The Tigers are now 5/1 favorites -- or, projected to win the Fall Classic about 16 percent of the time -- while the Dodgers lead at 15/4 and the Red Sox are in second at 9/2.

Two factors helped the Tigers' maintain high odds throughout the run-up to September. The big one was that they were so heavily favored to win the Central Division and leading it by a safe amount. Before you can win the World Series, you've got to make the playoffs. The second was that the team had the strongest rotation and arguably the best lineup. The Tigers had the best run differential in the game, too. Since then, the Tigers stumbled to start the month -- Miguel Cabrera struggled due to injuries and Max Scherzer still hasn't managed to get that 20th win after starting the year 19-1.  Meanwhile the Red Sox have proven to be a higher run-scoring team and have the better run differential. The Dodgers, though they've stalled a bit this month, had been on fire since July and appear to have an easier playoff road to the World Series. Another likely factor: odds are set to bring in bettors, after all, so the current state of them may reflect SoCal's (or the nation's) interest in the team.

Here is the complete listing, courtesy of Bovada:

Odds to win the 2013 World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers - 15/4
Boston Red Sox - 9/2
Detroit Tigers - 5/1
Atlanta Braves - 8/1
Oakland Athletics - 9/1
St. Louis Cardinals - 10/1
Pittsburgh Pirates - 11/1
Cincinnati Reds - 14/1
Cleveland Indians - 20/1
Tampa Bay Rays - 20/1
Texas Rangers - 20/1
Baltimore Orioles - 28/1
Washington Nationals - 33/1
New York Yankees - 40/1
Kansas City Royals - 50/1