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GIF: Prince Fielder scores from first base, gets tagged in the face

He was probably out, but Prince Fielder was called safe at the plate on a double by Victor Martinez to give the Tigers a 5-4 lead today.

Gregory Shamus

Last Saturday, Jim Leyland was ridiculed for leaving Prince Fielder in after leading off the ninth inning of a one-run game with a walk. Fielder, running from first, was tagged out at the plate on a perfect relay by the Kansas City Royals. True story: I yelled "NO!" in response to the play while watching the game on my phone in a crowded subway station just after a stranger had asked me a question. It wasn't fun.

Anyway, Prince redeemed himself today... sort of. Here he is scoring from first on a Victor Martinez double.


This made the score 5-4 in favor of the Tigers, and Prince was understandably fired up.


However, replays showed he was out when he got tagged in the face (IN THE FACE!) by Mariners catcher Mike Zunino.



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