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Tigers rookie hazing photos emerge

Nick Castellanos looks like a Disney princess. Bruce Rondon looks like ... I dunno, but you gotta scroll down and see it for yourself.

Rookie hazing photos are always supposed to remain hidden from public view -- just a private team-building moment. The rookies are forced to dress up in some (typically emasculating) costume for the enjoyment of others. And no one is supposed to see the result.

Every year, photos leak anyway. This, apparently, is the photo we'll get of some Tigers rookies. That looks like Nick Castellanos in the middle, looking resplendent in pink with a gold ... something. I'm not really up on the terminology here. That's Evan Reed on the right, dressed like Snow White or Cinderella or whoever. And, far as I can tell we've got Hernan Perez on the left in the aqua dress.

Our star of the show -- and a guy who loves to post pictures of himself pointing at stuff on Instagram -- in middle there is Al Alburquerque.

Thanks Al! And thanks SierraDean for bringing this to our attention!

Update: More

(Sorry I can't use any of these photos for our story photo, legal issues and all that.)

If you find anything, feel free to share!

Update: WINNER! Check out Bruce Rondon on the left.

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