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'Duck Dynasty' visits Comerica Park

All we have is a photo for now -- but if you find video, let us know!

Leon Halip

The guys from "Duck Dynasty" were in Detroit this weekend for a sold-out performance at MotorCity Casino, and the Tigers wisely took advantage of the opportunity.

Willie, Jase and Uncle Si Robertson were invited to Comerica Park to throw out the first pitch. And although I can't find any video of it to share, I did find this photo. So that will have to suffice for now.

Fox Sports Detroit's Steve Kornacki wrote about it, however, so you'll have to create your own visuals:

The sellout crowd at Comerica recognized them as they walked onto the field because their long beards quickly catch your attention. They also were wearing Tigers home uniform tops and baseball caps. Willie, of course, wore his standard stars-and-stripes bandana. Many of the fans gave them a standing ovation as they strode to the mound.

"That was some great welcome we got," said Jase. "The crowd was awesome."

Here's a photo from on scene:

AM update: Still can't find video but  I found more to share


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