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Magglio Ordoñez political update

I'll get you up to speed on Magglio's campaign. The only problem is I only took two and half years of high school Spanish.

Leon Halip

Magglio Ordoñez, former Detroit Tigers stalwart, is running for political office in his native Venezuela. I'm pretty sure. By utilizing my two and half years of high school Spanish experience I've followed his campaign closely via Twitter. Now I will help you understand as well! Let's take a look at some of his recent updates.

Day by day, I will work toward the revolutionary strength to not look at these women's boobs.

In every Venezuelan house we remember the eternal commander Chavez. He continues to fill millions of delicious calzones. Fist pump!

We are walking together for a powerful, popular cause, to figure out Victoria's Secret on December 8.

Woo hoo! Happy faces! Revolution! Only one toothy smile, only one fist pump!

Check out this aluminum bat in the area of PLC. The manager took it from some foreigner since only pathetic tourists use metal bats. What wussies!

In Earth Heathy Park in New Town there is a recreation and sports space where they tried to make me ride a frickn bike. Can you believe the crap I have to go through to win this stupid election? What do I look like, some damn Tour de France reject! Leyland never made me do this garbage.

Together with Governor Isturz and Grandma Keleris Bucrito we inaugurate the Earth Healthy Park Competitive No-hands Water Drinking Competition Table.

Labels out here, Now they can’t tell me nothing. We give that to the people, Spread it across the country. Wa oh oh oh wa oh oh oh wa oh oh Let's go! Na na na na na na na na (aha). Hey. And all my people say. Na na na na na na na na (that's right, feels good).

With the residents of the Lajas section of Juan Rincon of the Pacific Coast League we are walking to the homes of these people. They are probably filled with terrible hats too.

While looking around Lajas for Juan Rincon we looking to make it a priority to find these people better hats right away.

I am in the Pacific Coast League to continue to strengthen the area. I am having the best ass in the area. The village woman behind me is taking a peek.


Big thanks to Collin Roth for the suggestion. If the Venezuelan government has any questions or concerns about this blog post, they can contact him at @CollinRoth