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The Tigers' 2013 fantasy football draft leaves us with more questions than answers

Who has the best team? We don't know, because we can't read it.

Leon Halip

Fantasy football might be the greatest thing to happen to football in the state of Michigan since Barry Sanders came along. I mean, think about it. How else can you stay interested in pro football throughout the entire season without giving up on your team's playoff hopes before their bye week?

Despite being busy with a playoff race of their own, the Tigers found some time to crank out a fantasy football draft of their own -- a surprising feat, considering these things take hours while that one guy debates which of three backup running backs he wants to take before selecting a defense in the third round (seriously, that happened in my league last weekend).

Drew Smyly, appointed the "PR man" of the league by catcher and clubhouse comedian Brayan Pena, posted the draft results on Twitter.

While one thing is for certain -- Drew Smyly won't be a professional photographer anytime soon -- here's what we do know:

  • Brayan Pena took Calvin Johnson with the second overall pick (wide receivers are the blue stickers) and didn't take a running back (green stickers) until round 4.
  • Alex Avila took quarterbacks with back-to-back picks in rounds 3 and 4 before taking a wide receiver.
  • There is someone on the team nicknamed "Grumpy."
  • Bryan Holaday has a stacked roster (especially if it's a PPR league).

Unfortunately, Smyly's poor photograph leaves us with more questions than answers.

  • Why did Drew take two tight ends with his top four picks?
  • Did Alex Avila really take Carson Palmer in the fourth round?
  • What was the write-in pick in the 12th round?
  • Who is Grumpy?
  • What happened to the rest of the team?
  • Did Jim Leyland suggest that anyone take Don Kelly for their FLEX spot?

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