"Beer of the Series" Series #45 - Boston Red Sox, September 2-4, Fenway Park

Playing the Red Sox is never easy, especially in their little league park they call home. Plays that are routine pop flies turn into home runs and sure thing homers turn into wall balls that end up at second base before you make the turn. If you hit the ladder, a triple could turn into an out at second. Even deep balls that we think are "Comerica'd" don't even get to the warning track, but you could hit a 285' home run that doesn't ever get 10 feet off the ground.

Suffice it to say, Fenway Park is quirky. The 101-year old stadium that opened the same day as Briggs Stadium/Navin Field/Tiger Stadium is still going strong despite seats that require a bottle of Tylenol, concourses covered in beer that don't even let you see through the portal, and gnarly, obstructed view seats that scalpers only mark up 200% instead of 350%.

This year's incarnation of the Red Sox has found faith in former pitching coach John Farrell and rode hot bats and a rejuvenated rotation to first place in the AL East despite big signings Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez plying their trade off in Hollywood. The Sawx are second in the league in runs scored and most team offensive categories behind Detroit leading to a record 1/2 game better than the Tigers (having played one more game). This is a possible ALCS preview.

New England has a great craft beer scene with highlights such as Magic Hat, Woodchuck, and the Boston Beer Company of Sam Adams fame (yes, it's still a craft brewery despite its ad campaign). However, Harpoon Brewery produces the best local beer in my opinion with their Rye IPA.



Rich and Dan's Rye IPA is a beautiful deep amber beer with a great hop aroma and flavor. The collection of hops in this beer give it a wonderful spice flavor and flowery bouquet that gives way to a great smooth malt flavor. The taste is just balanced enough to allow the drinker to enjoy the dry aftertaste, but not too hop heavy to make it undrinkable. The rye gives the beer a thicker body, allowing the lingering effects of the beer to play off each new sip. At 6.9% ABV and 70 IBUs, this beer is a great beer to bid summer adieu with in the backyard playing catch while the grill finishes off the brats and burgers.

Harpoon Brewery is located in Boston, MA.

A few other great New England "beers"

-Woodchuck Hard Blueberry Cider, Woodchuck Cidery, Middlebury, VT

-Magic Hat #9, Magic Hat Brewing Company, Burlington, VT

-Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Boston Beer Company, Boston, MA

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