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CB Bucknor umping Tigers-A's ALDS

Naturally, we had to bring out this infamous GIF.

Dilip Vishwanat

CB Bucknor, who blew a call in incredibly awful fashion, will be on the umpire crew that officiates the ALDS between the Tigers and Athletics, according to's Jason Beck.


Gary Darling will serve as the crew chief. Tom Hallion, who was the crew chief for the just-finished Tigers series in Miami, will also be on the crew. Bucknor, Mike DiMuro, Jim Reynolds and Mark Wegner round out the roster.

Darling will be the home plate umpire for Game 1, with Bucknor the first base umpire, the scene of a rather infamous recent mistake.

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Hopefully he'll pay a little closer attention than he did when the Marlins and Phillies played last week. The runner was ruled out on this call. Follow the baseball.

GIF via Crashburn Alley


The game is not called "Tag You're It!" It is called baseball. You kind of need the baseball when tagging a runner out. Hopefully Bucknor realizes that now, because MLB cannot afford to have any more awful playoff calls replayed over and over and over, ad nauseum.