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The Tigers most and least compelling September storylines

The stuff to look out for and the stuff to ignore.

What is LuPu looking at?
What is LuPu looking at?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Most compelling storylines:

Will the Tigers hold off the Indians and Royals to win the AL Central?

Will the Tigers beat up the lesser opponents remaining on their schedule to earn the best record in the AL?

How hurt is Miguel Cabrera? Will the Tigers play him or rest him?

How will Prince Fielder perform down the stretch?

What will become of Jhonny Peralta? Will he remain an option for the playoff roster?

Will Justin Verlander continue his return to form or will he regress to Bad Verlander?

If the Tigers make it to the post-season, who will be on the roster?

Least compelling storylines:

How long will Avila let his hair get? Will it help protect his brain?

Will Matt Tuiasosopo play third base again?

Will Rod Allen do some coaching with the Comerica Park ballboys?

Will Luke Putkonen smile?

Who is "Grumpy" in the Tigers fantasy football league?


How will the Fox Sports Detroit audio system hold up?

What the hell do Jeremy Bonderman's tattoos mean? (spoiler: nothing (probably))

Who will bat 8th down the stretch?

How many times will Danny Worth pinch run?

Who is Evan Reed?