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Bless You Boys Podcast 85: DOOOOOOM

In the latest BYB Podcast, Kurt, Al and HookSlide look back at the past week of Tigers baseball, the overreaction to the blowout loss in Boston, Jim Leyland not being a "stats" guy, the ridiculous "Fire Leyland" minority and complaints over expanded rosters.

Leon Halip

Bless You Boys Podcast 85 has a running time of 1:08 and features HookSlide, Kurt Mensching, Al Beaton and a bad imitation of Kermit the Frog.

Download the MP3, or listen via the streaming version below.

Note from Al: I'm contemplating moving the BYB Podcast to a new host, and experimenting with Blog Talk Radio. You can check out the BYB Podcast as both an on-demand stream and a downloadable MP3 from this page.

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Topics include:

20-4 loss to the Red Sox = DOOOOOM.

The 2013 Indians are not the 2009 Twins.

Jim Leyland, run support and sabermetrics.

Injuries continue to be an issue, specifically in the case of Miguel Cabrera.

Jhonny Peralta's post season status.

Nick Castellanos is finally a Tiger.

Danny Worth has been FREED.

Is it time to sit Matt Tuiasosopo?

Would having home field throughout the playoffs be that big of an advantage?

The pros and cons of expanded September rosters.

HookSlide's Detroit Tigers audio clips archive at and Facebook page.

Kurt's Detroit News columns can be found by clicking here.

For more MLB news, check out SBNation's MLB page. For the latest rumors, head to SBNation's MLB Daily Dish.

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