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Miguel Cabrera, Jim Leyland ejected in first inning for arguing checked swing - hit by pitch call

Ump show? Ump show.

Umpire Brian Gorman ejected both Miguel Cabrera and manager Jim Leyland after arguing a combined checked swing - hit by pitch call early on during the Tigers' game with the White Sox.

Facing White Sox starter Chris Sale with two outs in the top of the first inning, Cabrera attempted to check his swing. As he did, Sale's pitch hit Cabrera in the back leg.


Cabrera asked for an appeal, but nothing came of it. Replays confirmed Cabrera was hit by the pitch. As for the checked swing, the call could have gone either way. It didn't go Cabrera's.

The game proceeded as normal with the count now 0-2. A slightly peeved Cabrera fouled off the next pitch. But he stepped out of the batter's box, said "something" to Gorman, and was immediately tossed ( video).




Jim Leyland got more than his two cents in and was also given the heave-ho by Gorman.

It's the second time this season Cabrera has been tossed in the middle of an at bat.

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