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Tigers links: Robbie Ray's roots, Miguel Cabrera's protection


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The state of the Tigers outfield -- New English D

Neil Weinberg continued his look at the 2014 Tigers, going piece by piece around the outfield and comparing expectations to 2013.

All told, the Tigers outfield should provide very similar value to the 2013 iteration. Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse, but don't expect a whole lot of difference.

How will Miguel Cabrera fare without Prince Fielder in 2014? -- Motor City Bengals

Josh Paulisin says fret not Tigers fans, Miguel Cabrera was just fine before Prince Fielder arrived in Detroit and he'll be just fine now that Fielder has been traded to Texas. Beyond the fact he's Cabrera, the dropoff with hitting in front of Victor Martinez will probably be small. (Besides that, lineup protection is a myth.)

Would you rather face a streaking team or a slumping team? -- Tiger Tales

They're due. Or so Joe Morgan would tell you, right? So are you afraid the slumping team will break out or the hot team will keep the momentum? If you're thinking logically, of course, you don't really care if a team is hot or cold. Or as Jim Leyland would say, momentum is only as good as the next day's starting pitcher. Lee Panas decided to use stats instead. Which seems like a Lee thing to do.

Mike Hessman's long string of HRs in Tigers system may near end -- Detroit News

Tom Gage takes a closer look at a player who either strikes out or hits home runs -- but who seemingly has no future in Detroit despite landing back in the organization this year.

I've always thought "what if" about Mike Hessman.

Maybe you have, too.

He won't now, because the window to do so has long since closed, but I've occasionally wondered what he would have done with a chance to play every day in the majors.

Why Robbie Ray may put his roots in Grand Rapids -- MLive

No, the Tigers' No. 4 prospect (per Baseball America) and chief take in the Doug Fister trade isn't headed to Low-A. But Robbie Ray does have a Michigan connection of his own: He's engaged to a West Michigan girl. He should probably thank @PhilCokesBrain and @BlessYouBoys for that Twitter follower bounce, though.

Nick Castellanos, Hernan Perez, Daniel Fields get prep work for majors at MLB's rookie program -- Freep

The rookie career development program gives players who are considered ready or near ready to contribute in the big leagues a crash course on life in the majors.

2014 Detroit Tigers lineup efficiency -- Beyond the Box Score

Our sister site offered suggestions for ideal lineups. They probably don't look like the ones you've heard people talk about on the radio or around the water cooler.

Yankees sign Scott Sizemore -- MLB Daily Dish

Old friend alert!