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Bless You Boys' more prolific community members of 2013

Think you live on Bless You Boys? If your name made any of these lists, you probably do!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Every year we get data about the more prolific community members, and every year many of the names change when some stay the same.

So: I give you the BYB Community Awards for 2013. Well, for quantity anyway. Quality remains to be seen, har har.

Most FanPosts

rbbaker 55
Joaquin on Sunshine 38
HookSlide 22
DisplacedTigersFan 16
J_the_Man 12
OrangeBlackStripes 11
Fielder'sChoice 8
TomduhB 8
chasfh 8
There Can Only Be One Verlander 7

Most FanShots

Kurt Mensching 23
frisbeepilot 11
AD33 9
HookSlide 8
BigAl 5
HighOPS 4
johnmoz 4
thesiberian 3
Rob Rogacki 3
Always a Tiger 3

Most Comments

SanDiegoMick 14,593
SpartanHT 11,269
Rob Rogacki 10,870
stevenyc 10,334
J_the_Man 9,182
Joaquin on Sunshine 8,205
BadCompany22 8,125
RedWingedLigerFan 7,646
SabreRoseTiger 7,186
Jacob30 7,075

Didn't make the list? There's always 2014. Start talking and posting, folks!