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The 2014 BYB Meet-Up: Planning Poll

Time to vote for the date you want to have this year's meet-up.

PAWS wants YOU to come to the meet-up!
PAWS wants YOU to come to the meet-up!
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone! I may be buried under a fair amount of snow, but I'm alive and ready to start planning our 4th annual BYB meet-up.

We've got three options this year, and they are all in July and August. Based on past polls I'm finding everyone seems to prefer that part of the summer. Here is a schedule link for your reference.

  • First option is Saturday, July 19. This is a 7:08 start against the Indians. It is also the second game back after the All-Star break. The Mud Hens are home that weekend.
  • Second option is historically the weekend we always have the meet-up: Saturday, August 2nd at 7:08. This is an interleague series against the Rockies. There has not been an announcement yet, but that tends to be Fiesta Tigres, which always has fun giveaways and special guests. The Mud Hens are home that Friday, but not the rest of the weekend.
  • Third option is Saturday, August 16. 7:08 start against the Mariners. No other special notes about this date other than the fact that I could go that weekend so I put it here for everyone to consider. And the Mud Hens are home too.

As always, fill out the poll with your preferred date. The one that receives the most votes will be it. I'll close it later this week and then let everyone know what we've decided and how much it'll cost. In past years, ticket prices have been between $32-42. If you have anything to say about changes you'd like to see made or fun ideas, please don't hesitate to comment.