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Nick Castellanos named the 37th overall prospect by Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus' Top 101 Prospect list has been released, with only Nick Castellanos deemed worthy to make the cut out of the Tigers' organization.

Leon Halip

Baseball Prospectus has posted their annual "Top 101 Prospects" list, and to no one's surprise, only one Detroit Tiger youngster makes the list.

Expected to begin the 2014 season as the Tigers' starting 3rd baseman, Nick Castellanos makes the list as the 37th ranked prospect in MLB. Considered the Tigers' best position player prospect in years, the 21-year-old Castellanos made the 2013 list as well, having held steady at 37th overall.

But to prove just how fluid prospect lists can be, and how greatly opinions can differ, Castellanos was the 15th prospect overall in's 2014 preseason rankings. Left-handed starting pitcher Robbie Ray also made the list at 97.

Moved back to his natural position of 3rd base after the Prince Fielder trade, the Tigers expect big things from Castellanos. He received a taste of the big leagues as a September call up, getting limited duty as a left fielder. In 11 games with the Tigers, Castellanos hit .278/.278/.278, 5-for-18 with one run scored.

Of note is the Tigers' Central opponents fare quite well in the BP's prospect rankings. Between the Twins, Indians, and Royals, they have four of the top 14 prospects. Twins' outfielder Byron Buxton tops the list as the number one prospect in all of baseball, rising from eighth last year. The Twins also have the number 14 prospect in 3rd baseman Miguel Sano, up from 21 in 2013. Tribe shortstop Francisco Lindor rises from tenth in 2013 to sixth overall this year. The top Royals representative on the list is right-handed pitcher Yordano Ventura, who rocketed from 62nd in 2013 to the twelfth ranked prospect in 2014.

The White Sox may not have a prospect ranked as high as Castellanos, but they do have two players make the top 101. Right-handed pitcher Erik Johnson is 67th after being unranked in 2013. Matt Davidson, a 3rd baseman in the White Sox system, remains on the list, but drops from 89 to 93

BP's top 101 prospect list is not paywalled, and is free to view by clicking here.