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1984 Tigers players again shut out of Hall of Fame

Only manager Sparky Anderson has earned a spot in Cooperstown. No players have yet to get the honor.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The 1984 Tigers will just have to wait. The newest Baseball Hall of Fame class has been announced, and again players with ties to Detroit's most recent World Series championship have been shut out. Starting pitcher Jack Morris was the best bet, but he fell short on his final ballot, collecting 61.5 percent of the vote. Shortstop Alan Trammell, too, missed out, with 20.8 percent.

Before the announcement, there was some debate whether Morris would finally make it. He'd gained as much as two-thirds of the vote from writers, but three-quarters affirmation was needed to earn a spot in Cooperstown. He will now need to rely on the Veterans' Committee to make it in.

Trammell, whose support peaked at 37 percent two years ago, still has two years of eligibility before it goes to the Veterans Committee. It seems obvious that's his best bet, with groundswell among the writers likely to occur.

Morris probably does not deserve a spot, but Trammell, and double-play partner Lou Whitaker, who fell off the ballot after just one year when he failed to break the five percent mark, do.

Those elected were pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, and hitter Frank Thomas.